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August 18, 2013
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[Natsugaoka High]: Cross Takumi by ArisuMorningGraceArt [Natsugaoka High]: Cross Takumi by ArisuMorningGraceArt
For :iconnatsugaoka-high: 

 sorry if i'm not good at writing >.<


= Profile:

- Last Name : Takumi
- First Name : Cross
- Gender : Male
- Age : 15
- Birthday : 31 December
- Height : 170 cm
- Grade : First Year
- Club : Photography

= Personality:

- Quiet: Cross a is a quiet guy who doesn't talk a lot to everyone and doesn't talk to them unless someone will approach him and make a conversation with him :3.

- Lazy unless motivated: Cross san is a lazy guy when it comes to studying, school activities, chores etc. but when it comes to something he likes he become excited and energetic at it.

- Bookworm: Cross also enjoy reading books in the library with his big brother. he also enjoy reading about mysteries, fantasy, historical fiction, and adventure. some of the books that he really likes to read are alice in wonderland, peter pan, balete drive, and sherlock holmes.

- Night owl: he also like to gaze at star and moon and feel the cold breeze of the night, and love to watch movies (studio ghibli ) and having a movie marathon with his Big brother at night until they felt asleep.

- Adventurous: Cross loves to go on an adventure. Especially he loves to explore mysterious forest, mysterious building, haunted mansion , going to some haunted road, etc..

- Sleepyhead: because cross always stay up all night just to watch movies, staring at the night, etc... he also sometimes end up to be fast sleep at the library or in the school courtyard were there are lot's of trees and of course when he's sleepy already he have to be careful to where he's gonna sleep if not he may end up rape XD

- Intelligent- Cross is a very intelligent/smart person and loves learning new things. he also try stays awake during lectures and lessons even he always sleep late at night he still try to fight his sleepiness for the sake of his grade in school and will often find the things that he learn are valuable/interesting.

= History:

He comes from a wealthy family who lives from England but now moved to Tokyo, japan to begin a new life there as a New family. he was raised by his loving father and mother who deeply fall in love with each other. he's father works in a famous company in japan as an CEO (Which is their Great Grand Father's Company) and his mother have her own music studio to teach people there to learn more about music, like teaching them to read notes, playing different kind of instrument that she know etc... he also a quiet guy who rarely smile to someone or to everyone. he also had a big brother named Kaz, a big sister named Kisa, and Twin little sister named Chiemi.

At school, girls always surround him and always follow him wherever he go, even to the bathroom, that why when he comes to school he always bring his father's baseball bat to prevent from getting hug or flirtatious thing by the girls in his school etc.... he always loved his family and nothing more. he also have an hobby at taking a shot at nature like trees,leaves,stones,sun,cloud,sky etc.. he didn't like taking a shot at a person but it's okay if it's his family or to someone he likes. >//u//<

once when he was going home at school still having/bringing he's father baseball bat in his bag, he happen to hear a loud wail in an alley near in their school, when he was sneaking, peaking to who it might be, it happen to be his twin little sister , Chiemi Takumi being bullied by some girls who are kicking her, punching her, slapping her cute face etc.. that made cross to be furious and angry at the girls who are bullying his sweet cousin. so cross decided to take his bat and came closer to the girls who are bullying Chiemi, when the girls saw cross walking at them the girls became scared and want to escape at cross wrap but that will not gonna happen to him. he's fast speed and strong impact made the girls to wail and plead cross to let them go, they tell him that the reason why they do something like this to Chiemi is because they are jealous of Chiemi and not giving their love letter to kaz and cross. that made cross to furrow and tell the girls to "stop hurting my cousin if not, that scars and pain that you taste today is not the only thing i will bring if you hurt her again so watch out.." he said then he took his cousin and take her to the nearest hospital or to school infirmary and kept his event secretly.

when his big brother is already 3rd year high school and and his big sister is 2nd year high school student, the two of them decided to move in a dormitory so that they can go to school fast and to not waste money to go back and forth, cross decide also to be just like his big brother and big sister. moving some place and start to be independent will be the best to him too right? time flies already and cross is already graduating at middle high school, he made some research for a high school where he could study of course and live with dorm to be independent just like his big brother and big sister. then Natsugaoka-High, a Private Senior High School in Miyako island located to the south part of Japan. at first his parent rejected him for not enrolling there and for how far the school is but because cross sometimes is very stubborn his parents had no choice but to agreed too also his big brother agree for his little brother.

now cross already enrolled to Natsugaoka-High with no problem, and go accepted in the school. he packed his stuff already, said goodbye to his parent and to his brother and sisters and went there with a great new start at his high school life.

= Likes:
- Reading
- Baseball bath
- Pocky
- Camera
- Studio Ghibli
-  Books
- Milk
- Stars and Moon
- Beautiful scenery

= Dislikes:
- A large crowd of people
- Spicy food
- Being shy
- Romance
- Doing things he doesn't want to do

= Additional Info:
- He sometimes he wear his glasses at dorm so he can read clearly.
- He also like to sleep and sleep until he became sleeping beauty //slap ((joke~!))
- He also like to sing when he's alone while playing guitar.


yeah i failed at the story again but i hope it's okay hehe

        i hope all of this made sense to you po~ ;3 so much wrong grammar
okay at first when i started to draw cross, his hair was suppose to be black and have blue eyes but then since his last name is takumi i just take usui takumi hair color and his eye color but i think my final drawing of cross was i think succesful hehe yup :D i just type whatever pops to my head po :iconmingplz:

i hope you like him :iconcraiplz: :iconmingplz:

here's cross appearance before po~ >>>
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